December 31, 2011
Annual Group West Chisholm trail walk
Breakfast at Little Gus

Left to right - Kneeling:
Maggie Cole and Kitty Simmons

Jerry Slayton, Doris Brown, Daphne Simpson, Sandy Haram, Jo Ann Slaven, Patti Carey and Jerry Stovall

January 1, 2012
Annual Group East Chisholm trail walk
Breakfast at La Madeleine

Left to right -Front row-kneeling
Pam Rush, Maggie Cole, Kitty Simmons and Jackie Decamp

Middle row standing
Jo Ann Slaven, Jerri Kerr, Jerry Stovall, Patti Carey, Ross Wheeler and Carole Quarles

Back row standing
Darrell Quarles, Therese Daniels, Don Quarles