Salt Lake City, Utah

Capitol Building from State Street on our way to the start.

Father and Son.

Mother and Daughter.

Nice architechture.

Airplane turning in the wind.

Another pretty building.

Nice carvings.

Ed climbing one of the hills.

A little off the walk route.

Building had a row of these across the front.

The Eagle Gate marks the original entrance to homestead of Brigham Young. This bronze eagle is a replacement of the original one erected in 1859. This one placed in 1891 is larger than the original.

LDS Administration Building.

Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Salt Lake City LDS Temple.

Started in 1853 it took 40 years to complete.

Flowers in the temple garden.

Sculpture in the temple garden.

Another sculpture in the garden.

Impressive carved wooden doors keep out visitors.

The Alfred McCune Home is one of the turn-of-the-century mansions on Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City.

Pioneer Memorial Museum.

Ed in front of the Utah capitol building.

Carving on the Capitol grounds.

White Memorial Chapel.

Memorial down in City Creek Canyon.

Another memorial further up the canyon.


Panoramic view of the mountains.

Walk route descended into the canyon to follow along City Creek.

Road in the canyon.

Another view of City Creek.

City Creek.


Bridge over City Creek, walk route didn't cross it.

Liberty Bell.

Memorial Fountain in Memory Grove Park.

I really like Peonies.

Pretty garden.

City Creek Park.

Walk passes this historic park but I was too tired to detour in and check it out.

Old Union Station is now a shopping mall.

One of a series of Olympic game plaques.