Massacre Rocks State Park, Idaho

Unattended entrance, you take an envelope and pay.

View from the Visitor's Center where you register.

Walk starts with a loop on the nature trail.

Goat Island in the Snake River.

Decision time for the pioneers.

Back to the Visitor's Center.

Trail along the river.


Overlook not on walk route.

There is a display board down there.
Also not on walk route.

Display board.

Note small cabin referred to on the display board.

Lichen with a lacy pattern.

Pelican in the river.

Ed at an overlook of the Snake River.

Another view of the Snake River.

Trail is bordered by purple grass.

Same grass across the hillside.

Sitting on the edge. There is a drop off between me and the big rock beyond.

Some more of the purple grass.

Further along the Snake River.

Islands in the river.

Going to visit the Oregon Trail.

See the trail along the bank of the Snake?

Haven't lost the Snake.

Russion Olive Trees in bloom, smelled nice.

Looking at the gap the wagon trains went through.

We walked under I-86.

Information Board at the site of the Oregon Trail.

Ed standing on the Oregon Trail.

Pretty flowers on the way back.

Almost finished.