Helena, Montana

Mt. Helena and the spires of St. Helena Cathedral.

Lilac bushes are to Helena what Crape Myrtle is to Texas.

My first Magpie. Very pretty birds.

Owl and Elf hiding in the flowers.

Porter Flats circa 1884.
First multi-family dwelling in Helena.

Hybrid Tudor / Prairie Style circa 1907.

Original Governor's Mansion circa 1888.
Queen Anne Style.

Looking into old downtown.

Another street in old downtown.

Firefighter's Mural

Plaque in Last Chance Gulch.

Newspaper boy statue.

Bull Whacker Statue.

Nice old building in Last Chance Gulch.

This one is also in Last Chance Gulch.

Commemorating the gold strike.

War Memorial.

Seashell bench.

Stray seashell in the grass.

Louis Reeder a brick mason built this area between 1873 and 1884.

Log cabin built in 1864 by one of the four original miners who struck gold. Helena's oldest surviving building.

Further up Reeder's Alley.

More of Reeder's Alley.

Another view of log cabin. Windows are modern.

Another mural.

Door to the "Montana Club".

Lilacs hid most of the house but the top looks interesting.

More Lilacs.

Bleeding Heart Bush


The Helena Civic Center is a Moorish Revival building circa 1919.
The building was originally a Masonic Lodge.

Closer to the spires of St. Helena Cathedral.

Almost there.

St. Helena Cathedral.


Colorful church - denomination unknown.

Morris Silverman house circa 1892.

Myrna Loy information. She was a Montana native.

Montana Police Officer Memorial.

Montana Capital Building.

Thomas Meagher
Following the Civil War, he was appointed
acting governor of the Montana Territory.

Sculpture outside the Montana Historical Society and Museum.

Another sculpture outside the Montana Historical Society and Museum.