Top of Texas 2012 Labor Day Rally
Amarillo, TX

Dude polishing his bike.

Phillip on Dude's trike.


Witch Doctor


Starting young.


Hanging out while the trikes and bikes line up.

Ed and his skunk.

Herb on his new trike.

Nice one for sale.

Another young contestant.

The bikes all lined up.

Doc and Bob's trikes.

Trophies ready to give out.

Airplane owner won the KOA Award.

James won 1st place Bike.

Vanessa won "Ladies Choice" with her pink trike.

6th place went to the owner of the white trike that is for sale.

5th place went to Dude and his little trike.

I messed up somewhere, I don't have a picture for 4th place.

Third place went to the owner of the Airplane trike.

Second place went to the orange trike out of Wisconsin.

First place went to Herb with his new blue trike.