In Memory

Mr. Albert Taplar
Died:  September 19, 1999

He was not only our class sponsor,
but a fantastic English teacher.
We will miss him but never forget him.

To Mr. Albert Taplar,
You are not gone just away!
Thank you,
Sherry's Class

Our Classmates

Mary Lou Brestle Joann Matthews
Jeannette Brown Shirley Meares
Ronald Brown Michael Pepe, Jr.
Charles Burdett Iris Pitman
Jane Elizabeth Burnett Donald Polito
Richard Butler Peter Rorres
Eveleen Church Charles Ruffin
Chesterfield Cotton Doris Russell
Robert Daw Ronald Sanderson
Emmett DiProspero John Saulino
Edith Felke Marie Schick
Geraldine Galloway Fred Schlegal
John Hanson Evelyn Schmidt
Joseph Harnitchek Diane Sheeler
Alan Hewitt Gay Shillady
Dessie Hightower Barbara Stocker
Thomas Hogan Charles Wade
Janetta Hooks George White
Girlena Hughes Shirley Williams
Evelyn Hurlbrink Leona Wilson
Raymond Jones Barbara Winston
Harry Lloyd Ella Wright
Nathan Lyons

We Remember You

   We remember you in the halls

      Of Bartram High, so long ago,

   And the fun fulled days we shared

      Were the best we’d ever know.

   Who would have thought that you

      Could not be with us this night,

   To share nostalgic moments and

      Relive the sounds and sights

   Oh happy days and carefree hearts;

      So many memories come to mind,

    And you will always be a part

       Of those days now left behind.

Anna Backhus Whittet

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