1998 - 2000 

Fredericksburg Midnight Event It was cold but dry.  Lenore fell asleep in the stroller.  She woke up before the end and started crying.  Carol returned to the start and I went on.
05-2-98 New Braunfels Event We didn't take the stroller, Lenore walked about 3 miles and Carol carried her the rest.
07-04-98 Bastrop State Park YRE Lenore walked about 4 miles this time and got carried the rest of the way).
07-18-98 Waco/Baylor YRE (Group Walk) Overcast and breezy.  Lenore walked part of the way. Pictures
08-15-98 Salado YRE (Group Walk) Lenore insisted on wearing her new patent leather shoes so Carol made her ride in the stroller the whole way.
09-19-98 Benbrook Event Lenore walked about 4 miles.
10-24-98 Archer City Event Clear and 73 deg.  Interesting town.  "The Last Picture Show" was filmed here.
11-14-98 Park Glen Event (Fort Worth) Lenore walked most of this event. There were 3 playgounds on the route so we stopped and let her play.
11-21-98 Arlington Ballpark Event Nice event mostly off street.  Lenore walked quite a bit.
Fredericksburg Midnight Event Cool and breezy.  Lenore got out and walked part of the main street section.
03-07-99 TVA Reunion Event Georgetown **FIRST COMPLETE WALK.** 
Pictures at: TVA Reunion Pictures
03-13-99 Granbury YRE (Group Walk) It was a cold day.  Carol carried Lenore most of the way.
03-27-99 Crockett National Forest 3-Day Event **SECOND COMPLETED WALK** She didn't walk the whole way on day #2, but she walked about 3 miles. Crockett Pictures
04-10-99 Palestine Event **THIRD COMPLETED WALK** Sorry I forgot my camera that day, but the walk was wonderful.
04-24-99 Industry Event **FOURTH COMPLETED EVENT** Pictures at: Industry Pictures
06-05-99 Clymer Meadows (Celeste, TX) This was a 12K (Lenore walked for 3 hours, then started getting piggy backed. Pictures at: June Pictures
06-12-99 Becker Vineyards,
Fredericksburg, TX
We got there at 9:30 and it was already hot. We were 2 1/2 hours into the event when Carol started carrying her. Pictures: here
09-18-99 Sulphur Springs This walk started at the Stew Cookoff and went through town. The highlight of this walk was a park near the start. City Park Pictures
09-19-99 Cooper Lake State Park A great trail at Cooper Lake State Park. This trail was different from the YRE held there. It was completely on an Equestrian Trail. The trail had lots of variety, from deep woods to open meadows. There were lots of up and down dry creek beds. State Park Pictures
10-23-99 Henrietta, Texas A nice walk around town. Mike, Mallory, Lenore, Carol and I started out together, but Lenore and Mike dropped out after two miles. This was Mallory's first Volksmarch, but she didn't have books yet.
03-11-00 Terrell, Texas It was very cold and windy. Most of the walk was along busy city streets with no sidewalks. There were some nice older homes. Pictures
03-25-00 McKinney Roughs It was a great walk. Lots of hills and ravines. Great overlooks of the Colorado River, plus a path along the river. The walk was hosted by the Colorado river walkers. Pictures
04-29-00 Germanfest
We saw dark clouds and lightning on the way up, but the thunderstorms had moved on out by the time we arrived. We had thought it would be warm, and it wasn't. Luckily Anna had TCW Sweatshirts for sale. We enjoyed all the walk except the section along a very busy highway. The shoulder wasn't mowed, so you had to walk along the edge of the pavement. Lenore had new tennis shoes and they made a blister, so she got carried part of the way. Pictures
05/06/00 Meridian State Park Mallory, Lenore, Carol and I started out on the Orange Route, and ended up on the yellow. Don't know where we lost our trail markers, but we had a great walk in the woods and enjoyed ourselves.
06/03/00 Waxahatchie Carol, Mallary, Lenore, and I started out on this walk in the rain with umbrellas. It quit raining about half way through the walk. This was a walk on residental streets in an old town with great houses.
08/18/00 Salado YRE Carol, Lenore, and I walked this event backwards. I think the best part of this walk is the woods near the Stagecoach Inn, but walking it backwards, we saved the best for last.
09/11/00 Hyde Park (Austin) Carol, Lenore, and I enjoyed the parts of this walk that had large trees (shade). Hyde Park is not a Park, but a older subdivision. The weather was VERY HOT, and Carol ended up carrying Lenore for part of the way. This event took us 3 hours 10 minutes to complete.
09/30/00 Kerrville Carol, Lenore, and I started walking at 10am. Althought it was a clear sunny day there was a nice breeze with just a hint of fall chill to it. This was a rate 3 walk. Lots of steep hills. Lenore did wonderful. This was a very enjoyable event.
10/07/00 Willow Creek (Fredericksburg) Carol, Lenore, and I started walking at 9am. It was very cold and windy. This was an 11K. The location was great. Loved the views of the hills as we walked along. After the checkpoint, turnaround it started to rain. We finished in 3 hours 10 minutes. Lenore walked every step of the way. Great event.
10/14/00 Dinosaur Valley (Glenrose) It was a nice warm (overcast) day. This was an 11K trail. It was rated 3. Carol forgot Lenore's snack, and the checkpoint didn't have any candy or fruit. We had to stop and let Lenore rest several times, but she made it on her own.
11/11/00 Bastrop It was cool and overcast. Looked like rain. The first of the walk was city streets. We came back by the start (one block off) then headed out and back on the bridge over the Colorado River. We then went by arts and crafts booths. Lenore got cookies, a bracelet, and a balloon. Then the walk went along a hike/bike trail along the river. This was a very enjoyable event.Pictures
11/18/00 Dallas Nature Center It was sleeting at 8:45 when we started this "in-park" walk. It didn't last long, and we soon shed our coats. This was a great event with lots of hills, bridges, and stairs all in a heavily wooded area. Pictures
11/25/00 Waco YRE There were no scheduled events this weekend, so Carol, Lenore, Mallory, and I walked our own Waco YRE. We started the walk at 8:15. Carol took picture of the girls with each one of the WACOWS that we passed. We went out of our way a block or two on occasion to take the pictures. It was a nice day, and an enjoyable walk. Pictures
12/02/00 Boerne It was cool and windy. We really liked the tower. Really didn't like the small section on School street which had a deep ditch instead of a shoulder and heavy traffic. After the walk we did the Arts and Crafts show.
12/09/00 Waco Hike and Bike We stayed in town and did the new Waco Dam hike/bike trail rather than doing a volksmarch.
12/16/00 Highland Park Night Walk It was cold and very windy. We started at 5:30 when the lights were just coming on. The Star Trekkers had arrows at the first to mark the turns... until after the checkpoint. Didn't see another arrow to the end, but we had written directions and didn't get lost. Highland Park is a beautiful area at Christmas time. Great Event..Pictures
12/23/00 Austin Town Lake YRE It a great day for walking and bicycle riding. Mallory and Lenore rode bicycles, Carol and I walked. There were load of people on the hike/bike trail. This is a great event.