12-10-94 Valley Ranch YRE Nice walk along the canals.
" Irving Heritage Yre Liked the park part of the walk.
12-17-94 Highland Park Event Guided Night Walk. Wonderful light display
01-07-95 Hewitt YRE Had an area along a narrow road with fast cars and hills. Was not a very safe place to walk.
04-30-95 Wimberly Event A new subdivision, no shade. Very hot day.
" Salado YRE This is a very nice walk.
05-06-95 Plano Event Huge rain the night before. Walk area was flooded, they had to reroute their walk.
" Plano YRE Very nice walk, hike and bike trail.
05-13-95 Dallas Levee Event Heavy rains caused this walk to be rerouted also.
" Los Colinas YRE Route changed from 1993. Liked the old route better.
05-20-95 Ft. Worth Stockyard Stomp Event Nice hike and bike trail along the Trinity River
" Foster Park YRE Nice walk
06-25-95 Hamilton YRE Had some difficulty with stroller. This was before we got the big wheel.
08-27-95 Brackettsville Event Nice old fort.
09-17-95 Temple Railroad Festival Event Nice walk
12-02-95 Abilene YREs Did two of the three available YREs


Fredericksburg Midnight Walk Moderately cold. Nice turnout. Lenore slept in the stroller once we got started.
03-29-96 Lake of the Pines 3 days worth of events (Carol bought Lenore's first event book and started getting her stamps) They said these events couldn't be done with a stroller!
04-13-96 Miller Springs Event Not an easy event to do with a stroller, but we made it! Lenore walked a little. Picture
" Salado YRE Good walk.
06-07-96 Fredericksburg's 20th Anniversary Event Great event, lots of people, loved the parade of flags.
06-22-96 Austin Downtown YRE  
07-13-96 White Rock Lake YRE Lenore was in a bad mood. Didn't want to walk or ride in the stroller!


Fredericksburg Midnight Event Lenore slept in the stroller on this one also.
04-04-97 Angelina National Forest 3 days worth of events. Couldn't use the stroller because of rain. Carol piggy backed Lenore.
05-17-97 Fort Worth Stockyards Stomp Event Same event as last year, but this year it was hot and there is no shade.
07-26-97 Medina Apple Festival Event Another hot day, and no shade on this walk.
10-18-97 Weatherford Event Out and back on a rails-to-trails conversion. Great place for Lenore to run and play. She hardly rode in the stroller at all. Pictures
11-08-97 Ft. Richardson State Park Event Lenore loved the parts that were in the woods. Pictures
12-24-97 White Rock Lake YRE It was cold and windy, Lenore stayed bundled up in the stroller most of the way.






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