2001 - 2002




02/03/01 Georgetown YRE Part of the route includes the San Gabriel Trail. The San Gabrial River has cliffs and a constant flow dam. Take a camera!
02/10/01 San Marcos Freeman's Ranch. Great Walk.
02/17/01 Fort Worth Texas Motor Speedway. It was 29 deg and the were patches of ice on the ground.Pictures
02/24/01 New Caney Lake Houston SP. It was warm and sprinkling rain (on and off). This is a great wooded area.
03/10/01 Harmony Hills (SA) Resident Streets and Sidewalks. Directions were not well written.
03/17/01 Lake Ray Roberts Ray Roberts Greenbelt Corridor is an out and back on hike/bike trail. 13K finished in 3 1/2 hours. Pictures
03/24/01 Pioneer Farm (Austin) This was a nice walk in spite of the rain. Pictures
04/14/01 Dart Walk (Dallas) First we did the SMU section which started at Mockingbird Station. Then we rode the DART south to Hampton Station and di the Kiegle Park section. This park has a very nice hike/bike trail. It also had two playgrounds that Lenore enjoyed. We then got back on the DART and rode north to the West End Station. This is the old market section of Dallas. We stopped by Kennedy Cafe and ate a light lunch. Since we had already done 10K we cut a few corners on this section, but we visited the Water park at Ross and Akard Street. This is a great place with waterfalls, fountains, and dancing water. Pictures
06/17/01 Richardson, TX This was a nice event. It started at one park and went to another through a nice neighnborhood. Unfortunately, it was a very hot day.
06/24/01 Lampasas YRE It was cool and overcast as we started out walking at 7:25. This route has been changed up and we like the new route much better. We found Yahoo on this walk.
09/08/01 Grapefest
Tarrant County Walker's event. Nice city walk.
09/15/01 LBJ Grasslands
It rained on us. The trail got slick in spots. Nice walk though. This was a new county. Pictures
09/22/01 Austin's Seratoma Club It was a little hard to find.  It sprinkled a bit at the first of the walk, then cleared off.  Part of this walk was in a NO leash area in Shoal Creek Greenbelt. We had a couple of incidents where big dogs dashed up growling, but luckily no one got hurt.
09/29/01 Lions Park Walk
Kerrville, TX
We drove down on Friday night so we could get an early start.  This was a great walk.  Very enjoyable.
10/13/01 Bonham State Park It had rained the night before, and they offered us a route on paved park roads, but we opted for the muddy nature trail. In spite of the mud and water we had a great time. Very nice event.
10/27/01 Plano This walk started in Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and then went into a residential area that had lots of nice Halloween decorations. The weather was great, the instructions were perfect and the workers were wearing costumes. Pictures
11/3/01 Ft. Griffin This was a 12K walk. The walk took us through the historical part of the Fort. We especially enjoyed the brick building that was used for the bakery. We also walked past Long Horn cattle, and to a bridge over the Brazos River.
11/27/01 Baylor YRE (Waco) This was an 11K walk. The walk goes across the Suspension Bridge, through historic downtown, along the river walk and through the Baylor Campus. It returns via the river walk to the start. For a discription of the walk and pictures visit the website.
12/22/01 White Rock Lake YRE
This is a 15K. Lenore rode her bicycle. The route no longer goes over the dam. Pictures
Fredericksburg Midnight Event Lenore didn't come this year.
01/12/02 Weslaco This was a one way event out to the Bird Sanctuary. After the event we did the YRE.Pictures
01/19/02 Athens This was an 11K Event. It was cold, overcast and Windy. Pictures
01/26/02 Duck Creek YRE This is a hike and bike trail in Garland. It was a beautiful day to walk. Pictures
02/09/02 Mineola This was an 11K event. Lenore roller skated part of the way. She had a hard fall at one point, and she walked the rest of the way. But she is fine and eager to skate again. Pictures
02/16-17/02 Honey Creek Natural Area
Guadalupe State park
Saturday we did the Guadalupe Trail. It was very nice. We spent the night at SA and on Sunday we walked Honey Creek. Honey Creek was wonderful. Lenore loved the rocks and the creek.
02/23/02 Canyon of the Eagles
Burnet, TX
Lenore didn't want to walk, so I went ahead and I thought they turned back. But when I reached the finish the people who had been working checkpoint #1 told me Lenore and Carol were on the trail. So we all walked this event, just not together.Pictures
03/23/02 Tyler Azalea Walk Unfortunately we have had a cold spring, the Azaleas weren't putting on their usual magnificent show this year. We enjoyed the walk in spite of that. The weather was nice and there was an arts/craft show.Pictures
03/30/02 Highland Park Azalea Walk There were more Azaleas than last week, but they still weren't up to their usual show. It rained the whole walk, and they had to reroute part of the walk from along Turtle Creek to the safety of the sidewalk, but we enjoyed the walk in spite of that Pictures
04/26/02 Kerrville Downtown YRE This is a very nice YRE. I particularly like the island in the Guadalupe River. The instructions on leaving the Island are confusing though. Also there are steep stairs down to the Island, so this is not a stroller friendly walk. Also the Nature Center (which is very nice) doesn't allow pets. Pictures
04/27/02 Lost Maples State Park This is a great walk in rugged terrain. We did the West Trail (backwards). But that made it more fun I think. We saw a lot more people that way. Pictures
05/4/02 Promised Land Dairy
This walk started at the dairy and was on gravel roads. We enjoyed seeing the Jersey Cows, the wildflowers along the road, and the other volksmarchers. After the event we enjoyed our visit to the ice cream parlor and the petting farm.Pictures
05/11/02 Rusk We drove down on Friday night to ensure we'd have time after the walk to do the Rusk-Palestine Steam Engine train ride. This was a nice event.Pictures
05/18/02 Llano We walked the City route, and worked the first checkpoint. Lenore brought along a friend, Jackie. They took turns punching start cards.Pictures
06/01/02 Baylor YRE (Waco) This was an 11K walk. The walk goes across the Suspension Bridge, through historic downtown, along the river walk and through the Baylor Campus. It returns via the river walk to the start. For a discription of the walk and pictures visit the website.
06/08/02 Lady Bird Johnson Park (Fredericksburg) We did the 12K walk route and then we did the swim. It was cloudy and not too hot. Very enjoyable events.Pictures.
07/27/02 Georgetown YRE This route has been changed from the last time we walked it. I like the changes. Very nice new hike/bike trail. Pictures.
08/04/02 Plano We started early, the sun was just coming up. It was a nice walk mostly in Bob Wooodruff Park. Pictures.
08/10/02 Hershey Park
We started at 7am, it was a nice day. Overcast, so it didn't get too hot. Not far into the walk we heard the rumble of thunder. We kept our eye on the sky, and managed to finish the walk before the rains came. Very nice walk.
08/17/02 Foster Park YRE
Fort Worth
We started at 8:45 am, it was a nice day. This event has lots of morning shade. It is residental area and then hike/bike trails. Very nice walk. Pictures.
10/11-13/02 West Texas Weekend
Amarillo/Palo Duro Canyon
Friday we did Wildcat Bluff Nature Center in Amarillo. Saturday we did the 10K Lighthouse Trail in Palo Duro Canyon. Sunday we did the 10K River Trail in Palo Duro Canyon.
10/26/02 Martin Creek State Park We had rain during most of the trip to East Texas, but the rain had stopped by the time we arrived. The walk was on bicycle trails in very nice woods. The soil was sandy and didn't stick to our feet. It was a great walk. Pictures.
11/02/02 LaGrange We had rain during most of the trip to LaGrange, but the rain had stopped by the time we arrived. The walk was on city streets and in a park. It was a nice walk. Pictures.
11/16/02 Dallas Nature Center We did the nature trails this year... it was dry enough. Really great area for walking. Loved it!
11/23/02 Texas A&M Campus The walk started at the Bush Presidential Library. Went around sidewalks near Kyle Field, then looped back and brought us through Research Park. Very nice area! Pictures
11/30/02 Baylor YRE Had to walk off the big Thanksgiving Dinner! We always enjoy our local YRE.
12/07/02 Boerne Christmas Walk A little cool and breezy to start, but it warmed up. This is a great walk that we do year after year. We really love the tower!
12/07/02 Houston Arboretum The walk start was easy to find (hurrah!). The first part of the walk was in the woods and then we walked over the Memorial Park and did the loop around the jogging/walking track then back to the start. We had great weather too. Nice walk. Thanks Happy Hikers for hosting it for us!Pictures
12/31/02 TVA Memorial Walk Lenore tried to roller blade this event. However the asphalt was not smooth enough to make it easy to roller blade. She took off her roller blades and carried them and just walked in her socks part of the distance. She was on the Austin 5pm news... at least her feet and rollerblades where. Yahoo was also on the news.