What is Volksmarching?

Volksmarching is a non-competitive walk. It is not a pledge walk; it is not a race; it is a fun activity you do with a group. Volksmarching got its name from its origins in Europe. It means “Walk of the People.” Today there are thousands of volksmarching clubs around the world, allied in the International Federation of Popular Sports, known as the IVV. Members are young, old, married, single, fast walkers and stroll-alongs.

Volksmarching is one sport included in Volkssporting. Other sports include skiing, bicycling and swimming. These activities are coordinated by the IVV, the AVA (American Volkssport Association), the TVA (Texas Volkssport Association) and the Kerrville Trailblazers. These organizations support these sports through publications and an awards program which recognizes individuals for the number of events and the amount of distance they have completed.



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