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Gladewater School

Stephen & Ruthi, Bonnie, Debbie & Linda

We are a volksmarching (non-competitive walking) club.  Our club was established in 1997.  Our purpose is to promote and encourage volksmarching which we feel stimulates personal fitness, health and relaxation. Volksmarching is a fun recreational activity that provides fellowship for walkers.

We sponsor sanctioned volksmarches that are open to anyone who wants to walk.  You do not have to be a club member to walk with us.  (Although we would love to have you be a member.)    Most of the our club meetings are picnic/group walks so the dates will change.   For information on attending a meeting please contact Helen Hull at helenthehun@yahoo.com.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our events.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  Even children in strollers can have a record book and participate.  The family pet is usually welcomed, but must be kept on a leash at all times, and you must pick up after them.  All participants must register at the event, sign a liability release and carry a start card and return the start card at the finish.

If you wish to start keeping track of your volksmarching successes you may purchase a New Walker's packet from the club.  The packet contains an Event Book, a Distance Book, an AVA business card that gives you an 800 number you can call to find upcoming events, a guide describing the program, three coupons for a FREE admission to an event, a coupon for a free issue of the American Wanderer newspaper, and a free National Physical Fitness and Sports Month Patch. The New Walker packets cost $5.00.

If you get an Event Book and a Distance Book, each time you register for a sanctioned event will recive what we call "IVV credit".  When you complete the event your books will both be stamped with the event stamp.  Once a book is filled you will send it to the AVA and they will send you a certificate, a pin, and a patch to commemorate your success.

Continued participation earns awards for completion of 10, 30, and 50 events and then for every 25 events after that.  Distance awards are earned for every 500K completed.

We charge $3.00 for those 13 and over to participate in our events.  Children under 13 may walk free if they do not keep record books for IVV credit.


It's obvious that as an exercise walking has health benefits.  In addition, you'll find opportunities to travel and meet many friendly and interesting people from all walks of life.  You will see sights that you would normally miss zooming by in a car.  Typically our walks will lead you through a pretty residential district, parks, natural areas or historical sites.

Our walks are usually 10K (6.2 Miles).  Most events also have a 5K (3.1 Miles) trail for those who are not sure they can complete the longer trail.  Routes are carefully planned in advance and measured for accuracy.  Routes are clearly marked with tape and/or directional signs or sometimes participants are given a map and/or directions to follow.  Along the route checkpoints will be provided.  This gives the participants a chance to get a drink and rest awhile if desired.  A much slower and leisurely pace offers the opportunity to view the fall colors of leaves, spring time flowers, or sometimes even a woodland waterfall.


For these events we have a start time that spans several hours, so it is unlikely you would get caught up in a crowd.  You register, and immediately hit the trail.  We encourage our walkers to set a comfortable pace for themselves and take time to enjoy their surroundings.  There is no need to get side aches, shin splints, or produce buckets of sweat (unless you want to).  Exercise can be a fun, social activity.  Everyone who finishes the course is a winner and hopefully they will have had "a walk to remember".


YREs are different in that we have a host location such as a hotel or a convenience store that holds our "walk box".  The YREs are listed in a book called "Starting Point".  You select a walk from the listing, go to the location given, ask for the walk box, fill out the waiver and registration, and take a set of directions along with a start card. You complete the walk on your own.  The advantage of this is you can walk any time that the event host location is open.  Some events are closed on some holidays.

This page last updated 8/19/2021