Spur Walking Event
Dickens County

This sign is on the outskirts of town - not on the walk route.

We parked at the public library - which was closed - to start our walk.

Interesting hand pump.

Nice rock home.

Another Quanah Parker Arrow in a park with a large spur.

We detoured from the walk route to explore the park.

WPA constructed this bathhouse and pool. Pool is being repaired.

Carol and Ed exploring the park.

The park road goes by the Bulldog's football stadium which is carved back into the hill.

Bulldog mural on a storage building.

Nice horses but they wouldn't come over to be petted.

Big white "S" on the hillside.

Abandoned rock building - if only it could talk.

Baptist Church

Methodist Church

Palace Theater

War Memorial

Another bulldog mural - this one on alumni building.

Nice building that used to be the library.

Beautiful old bank building.

Ed and Carol taking a short rest.

Mural on the Dickens County Museum.

Train and Stagecoach

Building murals

A view of historic downtown Spur.

Soldiers Mound mural

A band of frogs making mechanical music.

Floral murals with a horse on the door.

More floral murals.

The Calaboose circa 1920

Community Bible Church

We drove back to the stadium after we finished the walk to get a view from the top. I walked down the steps to get this picture. Although the stadium was built in 1937, I couldn't find any proof that the WPA had a hand in the building.