Gail Walking Event
Borden County

We parked next to the welcome sign.

Another 1936 Pink County Marker.

Borden County Courthouse

County Jail

View of the walk route.

Wide open country.

Another view of the hills, we will get a closer look later on,

Cemetery Gate

Historical Marker for Cemetery and War Memorial.

Another view of the landscape.

Nice brick home.

Church of Christ

Borden County School - the whole county attends school here in Gail.

Bi-Centennial Park

Closer look at the cliffs

Baseball Field

Football Stadium where they play 1-A 6-man.

Archway tells you that the school mascot is Coyotes.

Baptist Church

Borden County Museum

Part of the Mural on the Borden County Appraisal Office

Moline Tractor and other equipment at the museum.

Gail U.S. Post Office