Comfort Easter Event

1894 Faltin House undergoing restoration.

Pretty Victorian

Metal horse yard art.

Mission Bautista Hispana

Ernst Altgelt - founder of Comfor

1907 Park Gazebo

Cement bench looks like logs.

Building behind the house caught our eye.

1860 Brinkmann cottage

1900 Heinen House

J. Gowen Jewelry pedestal clock - not working.

Gargoyle outside the Jewelry Store.

Comfort Public Library in 1916 Schwethelm Bldg.

1907 Comfort State Bank - ceased to be a bank in 1960.

1930 Community Center is now a coffee shop.

Linda working Checkpoint

Mesquite tree

Pretty bottles hanging from a tree

1939 Art Deco School under renovation.

1892 School also undergoing renovation.

Mural of the old Immanuel German Lutheran Church.

Mass grave of German farmers who died at Battle of Nueces (Civil War)

1952 Immanuel German Lutheran Church.

1892 Immanuel German Lutheran Church.

Little Free Pantry at the Immanuel German Lutheran Church.

Back at the park to finish

Gerald and Ellen at the finish table when Carol checked in.

Tina and John

Workers doing the cooking for the walk.