Spearman Walking Event

Hansford County's 1931 Art Deco Courthouse

1936 Pink County Marker

Unusual town clock on the courthouse lawn.

City Hall across street from courthouse.

Veterans Memorial and wooden windmill on courthouse lawn.

First Christian Church across from Courthouse on other corner.

First Baptist Church

Unusual front porch.

Another eye catching house.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Buchanan Windmill Park

Ed at the windmill park.

Great collection of windmills.

First United Methodist Church

Santa Fe Caboose at the Stationmaster's House Museum.

Wooden Indian Chief

Windmill & School displayed at Stationmaster's House Museum.

Quanah Parker Trail Arrow

Spearman Welcome Sign

Lyric Cinema opened in 1949

Soon to be ghost sign

Second story mural

Colorful floral mural.

Small Town, Big Heart