Matador Walking Event

Motley County Courthouse

Business on west side of courthouse square.

New metal gazebo on courthouse square.

Tin Man water tower behind City Hall.

Cattle Drive Mural approx. 100 ft long.

Large rooster yard decoration.

First Baptist Church

Mural on side of DMV office.

Mural on front of DMV office.

Matador Masonic Lodge #824.

Hotel Matador opened for business in 1915. Newly renovated, it is now a B&B.

Storefront Library.

Gazebo mural.

Former First State Bank - currently for sale.

Arrow Plaque: Quanah Parker spoke downtown, 1909. Matador Ranch hosted Chief & wives. Other Comanches camped N. of Jail.

The old Motley county jail was built in 1891.

Duplicate Quanah Parker Arrow. Marker same as the one by the Jail.

Motley County Historical Museum inside old Traweek Hospital.

First United Methodist Church.

1950 Church of Christ

Bob's Oil Well built in 1939. Steel derrick is 84' tall. Back when it was adorned with lights it could be seen for miles.

I could find no history for this building.

Old ladder truck on display.

Dr. Traweek House - Classical Revival/Prairie School Style

The WPA originally built the school's football stadium. It was destroyed by a tornado in 1984 and rebuilt.

Nice sign on stadium fence.

1930 Grade School building sitting vacant.

Horse mural on side of vacant building.

Ghost sign, you can barely make out the hand holding a fork.

Mural on the side of vacant Ford Dealership.