Canadian Walking Event

Gene Cockrell's Dinosaur

Hemphill County's second courthouse

Memorial to Texan the county was named after.

Lamp posts from first courthouse.

Veterans Memorial

Abstract Art

Bank Clock

Part of "Sunrise on the Canadian" mural.

Palace Theater still in operation.

Fire Station

City Hall

The Cattle Exchange (Restaurant) in old hotel building.

Part of the mural on the side of the depot.

Old Santa Fe Depot is now a museum.

Canadian Courts Motel

Hemphill County Library

First United Methodist Church

1910 Classical Revival Mansion

One of the pair of canons that guard the mansion.

First Baptist Church

Just a lovely garden

Sculpture at Middle School

More sculptures at Middle School

1939 Gothic Style School erected by the WPA.

"Coming of Winter: the Forerunner" by William Pochial

Lions guarding steps at The Citadelle Art Foundation

The Citadelle Art Foundation Garden Entrance

First Presbyterian Church Gazebo

First Presbyterian Church

Central Baptist Church