Tulia Walking Event

We arrived at the Swisher County Courthouse around 8 a.m. and due to clouds it was still nearly dark.

1920 Obelisk original Ozark Trail Marker. Ozark Trails Association maintained a network of locally owned roads and highways predating the United States federal highway system.

Pretty gazebo on the courthouse square.

Fading Coca-Cola sign.

First Baptist Church.

One of two Quanah Parker Arrows in Tulia. The other is on the outskirts and we drove to visit it after doing the walk.

Beautiful old Santa Fe Depot is now a community center.

Baggage cart display at the depot.

Ed found a quarter in the street.

First Presbyterian Church.

Old First Methodist Church - the new one next door isn't nearly as pretty.

Part of a "Greeting from Tulia" mural.

Old Santa Fe depot moved here from Kansas.

Silhouette bison on the bank sign.

Mural on the Volunteer Fire Department.

Cute yard art.

Nice old Junior High School, built before the WPA.

Another cute yard art.

Swisher County Veterans Memorial at the VFW post.

This Air Force Jet is also displayed at the VFW post.

Part of another mural.

The pink 1936 County Marker on the courthouse square.

Old movie theater undergoing restoration.

The town's third depot is another Santa Fe Depot. This one moved here from Happy, TX.

The lovely 1909 Renaissance courthouse was made over in 1962. They removed the tower and turned it into this!!!

Marker on courthouse lawn celebrating Swisher County's centennial in 1990.