Plainview Walking Event

We started in front of the courthouse where we found this pretty longhorn.

This is a 1936 historical marker for Gen. Ranald MacKenie.

Plainview Lodge #709 A.F. & A.M. erected in 1912.

A mural still under construction spelling out "Welcome to Downtown Plainview". Only the "n" is complete.

Former "Third National Bank" building.

Agricultural Building erected in 1938 as a Federal Works Project. Still in use.

"Earl the Squirrel" carved in 2000 from a dead pine tree on the courthouse lawn.

Hale County Courthouse was erected in 1910.

Another longhorn on the courthouse lawn has the Alamo on its side along with 4 portraits of Alamo defenders.

Hilton Hotel erected in 1928. It has been converted into loft apartments.

Sculpture of farmer plowing. Wiping sweat from his brow with his shirt sleeve. Part of a "Farm Sculpture".

Longhorn and windmill complete the "Farm Sculpture".

1958 First Baptist Church sits next to old 1927 church.

Unger Memorial Library is the county's public library.

Just a plain Coca-Cola sign. No artwork on this one.

Art Deco "W.O. Speck Bldg" erected as a car dealership in 1947.

Santa Fe Depot is currently vacant.

1925 Ash School is now the location for the alternative education program.

Skate painted on the side of the Plainview Roller Rink.

Not sure if this was supposed to be a bench. Rock wall and petrified log.

Plainview Daily Herald advertising with a bright red longhorn.

Vintage Granada Theater is undergoing restoration. They have been working on it as money comes in since 2013!

U.S. Post Office erected in 1932. Still in use today.

Since I drink Dr. Pepper, I had to give them equal advertising.

Mach 1 (Mustang) in an old storefront. (Think Steve McQueen Bullitt movie.)

Schick Opera House erected in 1909. Closed its doors in 1920. Has multiple occupants now including Cindy's Quilt Shop.

Nicely restored Studebaker pickup.

Ghost sign with a fading bottle of Heinz Ketchup.

Former Guaranty State Bank is now The Pastor's Class.

Mural on bench in front of Carlito's Mexican Restaurant.

Another longhorn advertising.

The Fair Theater erected in 1925. It is now a venue for birthday parties, weddings, business meetings and seminars.

Millennium Square Clock erected in 2000 no longer tells time.

Nice window planter.

Windmill Sunset Mural in alley.

Rear entrance to Carlito's also has a mural.

This portait has no plaque. No idea who this guy was. If they thought enough of him to post his portrait they should tell us who he was.

1912 Elk's Lodge is now A.N.Y. Fitness.

1910 Ware Hotel is now the Hale County Courthouse Annex.

Mosaic outline of Texas on the base of the windmill.

Pioneer of the Plains Windmill dedicated in 1961 is on the courthouse lawn. Our walk is completed.