Medina River Natural Area
San Antonio, TX

Entrance to the natural area.

Our registration was here at this pavilion.

Pat and Darlene were working the registration table.

Heading out on the paved trail.

Climbing the hill to the ranger station.

Marker next to the ranger station.

Trail map

Lonely chimney.

Martin and his dog Dolly.

Our checkpoint volunteers with water and cookies.

Carol and the Medina River.

Bear tracks! (Bare foot tracks)

Fungus feeding on a dead stump.

River bottoms

We passed by these steps... our walk route didn't go that way.

Rainbow tree forms an arc over the trail.

Metal wagon wheels wore ruts in this rock at an old river crossing.

View of the trail.

Another view of the Medina River.

Looks like vandals have damaged the information board.

Another sign of human habitation before this became a park.