Littlefield Event

This is the third courthouse for Lamb county. It was built in 1955. Looks like black marble around the entrance.

1930 City Hall

The town of Littlefield is named after Maj. Littlefield who bought the land and sold lots to make the town. Arthur Duggan was his nephew and served as his land agent. This Duggan building dated 1925 is now Life Church.

AT&SF Depot has "no tresspassing signs all over it".

This exact replica of a giant windmill on the XIT Ranch was built in May, 1969.

Zoomed in on this water tower.

WPA Post Office built in 1940. Became public library in 2007. WPA artwork is still inside.

WPA relief art by sculptor William McVey. Title is "West Texas" but the figures look oriental to me.

Ghost mural of Waylon Jennings on the back of liquor store run by his brother.

Titles of Waylon's songs on the wall next to the liquor store entrance. They say there is memorabilia inside, but we didn't check it out.

Down at the other end of Waylon Jennings Blvd. is the High School.