Levelland Event

Veterans Memorial in front of the Courthouse.

1927 Stone and Concrete Classical Revival Courthouse.

Pretty gazebo on the NE corner of the courthouse square.

Decorative windmill also on the courthouse square.

1938 WPA county jail is still in use today.

Town clock - time stands still at 5:40 - in traffic island in front of library.

Mosaic mural on Public Library.

One of two small mosaic murals on a small wall.

The other small mosaic mural.

First United Methodist Church.

Fifth Street Baptist Church

Part of large mural on wall at Farmer's Market.

Masonic Lodge

Fire Station emblem is done in mosaic tiles.

Wolf mural on football stadium fieldhouse. Levelland ISD mascot is the Lobos.

Levelland High Memorial Wall

Another Quanah Parker Trail Arrow.

Mosaic mural on the south wall of the Chamber of Commerce.

Mosaic mural on the front wall of the Chamber of Commerce.