Hereford Walking Event

Hereford in front of the First Financial Bank.

Old Santa Fe Depot

Windmill in the park next to the depot.

Nice display.

Nice artwork on the grain elevators.

Plain hereford in front of the Police Department.

E.B. Black House erected in 1909, it is now a mueum.

Pretty little gazebo at this house.

Eye catching adverisement.

WPA Post Office

WPA relief artwork entitled "On the Range" inside the WPA post office.

First Baptist Church

Hereford at a veterinarian clinic.

Garden Club

Nice marker to Monty Lewis. It doesn't say World Champion what? Calf Roper?

Hereford in front of Aztec Cattle Co.

Deaf Smith County Museum was originally St. Anthony's Catholic School..

Art work draws attention to the museum.

Santa Fe caboose on display at the museum.

Quanah Parker Trail Arrow on the Stanton Junior High School.

Stanton Junior High School

Sesquicentennial Art and time capsule commemorates Texas' 150 years.

Ornamental windmill on the courthouse lawn.

Deaf Smith County Courthouse is constructed out of marble.

Another Quanah Parker Trail Arrow, this one on the courthouse lawn.