Glen Rose YRE

Walk starts at Brookshire Grocery. Route passes the high school stadium.

Clematis Vines

Old Somervell County Jail was built by the WPA.

Museum was closed.

Outside dinosaur track display.

Old Hopewell Post Office building at the museum.

Coneflowers in the garden in front of the old post office.

Former Ice House.

Originally Knights of Pythias building, later a bank, currently vacant.

Coca Cola ghost sign.

Paluxy River

Carol and Ed at the entrance to Heritage Park.

Home of Confederate Capt. Farr preserved in Heritage Park.

Wheeler-Epps-McMahon Cabin is another display.

One room school house from the Lanham Mill Community, preserved here.

This display didn't have a marker.

Start of the walking path along the Paluxy River. 6K walk route doesn't go that way.

Barnard Family sculpture on the Somervell Courthouse lawn.

Somervell County Veterans Memorial

Somervell County Courthouse

Gazebo made of petrified wood. Note dinosaur track there behind the sign.

Fountain also made of petrified wood. Note drinking fountains at each end of the star.

Beautiful Oleander Bush

Old hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)

Barnard's Mill is also listed on the NRHP. It was undergoing renovations.

Cute tiger atop the elementary school building.