Farwell Walking Event

Marker for the two men (John V. Farwell & C.B. Farwell) that the city is named after.

Parmer County Courthouse - 1916-Present

1936 Pink County Centennial Marker

Newspaper office across from courthouse.

Former First National Bank is now Attorney Office.

Horsehead driveway markers.

I don't particularly like the colors, but this is a neat old Nash.

Our few steps into New Mexico to visit Texico (portmanteau of Texas and Mexico).

Billboard painted by the 2020 high school seniors asking everyone to "Shop in Farwell".

Round building, turns out it is Security State Bank.

Former Bank President Gabe Anderson relaxing on the bank's front porch with his wife Belva.

Church of Christ

Methodist Church

Baptist Church

WPA erected school gymnasium in 1935.

W.M. Roberts Stadium - opened in 1975

Ozark Trails Association Obelisk

War Memorial with pillars for WW I, WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War.

Fred Chandler Memorial Gazebo in City Park

Former County Jail 1916-1975 now used for storage.