Comfort YRE

Gass Blacksmith Shop built in 1891. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

1922 Gas Station so radically modified that it did not qualify for NRHP. It is now a pizza restaurant.

NRHP homestead of Hermann and Antoine Ingenhuett from their marriage in 1895 until their deaths and remained in the family until the end of the 20th century.

Cute building reminds me of a cross between a church and a train depot.

NRHP home was originally built in 1880. In 1936 a second story was added and house was covered with field stone. It now exhibits Spanish/Mediterranean influence.

NRPH 1897 limestone home designed by Alfred Giles

I wonder if these are part of the Terra Cotta Army that used to be at the Forbidden Garden in Houston?

NRHP August Faltin Building, Originally built in 1879 and expanded in 1907

NRHP former Gaddis Methodist Church (1924) is now a wedding venue.

St. Boniface Church appears empty. No church sign out front. Built in 1960.

City Park covers a city block and hosts the farmer's market.

NRHP 1907 Hexagonal gazebo largely reconstructed in 1976 after tornado damaged it. Located in the center of City Park.

Bust of Ernst Hermann Altgelt, founder of the town, is displayed in City Park.

NRHP August Faltin House (1894) - Two story brick with polychromatic brickwork.

The "True to the Union" Monument marks the mass grave of 68 German-American farmers from Comfort. They were massacred by other Texans when they tried to join the Union Army.

NRHP 1892 Gothic Revival Church used to be Immanuel Lutheran Church

1952 Immanuel Lutheran Church sit in front of the old church.

Old School from 1922 is listed on the NRHP

1939 Art Deco High School is also listed on the NRHP

City Cemetery

Pretty vine back in the residential area.

Texas and New Orleans 1916 RR Depot is listed on the NRHP

Unmarked caboose rusting away next to the old depot.

Little Lending Library

This cottage was built in 1860 by German-born Otto Brinkmann. It is listed on the NRHP

NRHP This home was known as the "nerve center" of Comfort when the local telephone switchboard was housed here from 1923 to 1955.

NRPH Ingenhuett Saloon built in 1891.

Beatles seem out of place here on the side of "The Meet Market Tavern".

Old 1910 Post Office listed on the NRHP. It currently houses the "814 A Texas Bistro".

Constructed in 1907 for Alex Brinkmann, this building housed the Comfort State Bank until 1960. It is listed on the NRHP

Old Comfort Community Theater built in Spanish Eclectic Style back in 1930 is listed on the NRHP. It is now a coffee shop.

Postcard style mural welcomes you to Comfort.

Yard decoration (yes, fake flowers).

House already decorated for the 4th of July.

NRHP Frederick Allerkamp House is a two story frame house with full porch.

German native Frederich Meyer came to Comfort in 1862. A wheelwright, Meyer also ran a stage stop and weight station at this site. This one and a half story rock house was his family's second home. It is listed on the NRHP. It is now a B&B.