Weatherford, TX

ATSF 785 Wood Caboose displayed next to the old depot.

Santa Fe Depot is now home to the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce.

Life size cutting horse in action - Sculptor - Weatherford native, Kelly Graham

Public market structures were built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA)

Sidewalk in front of the market bears the WPA signature.

Vintage Car Museum wasn't open yet, we will come back after we finish walking.

Mural on the side of Whistle Hill's Cafe advertising the annual Peach Festival.

Knights of Pythias building still has their suit of armor but they have moved out.

Weatherford Presbyterian Church

St. Steven's Catholic Chapel hiding in the trees.

First United Methodist Church.

Brownstone Wedding Chapel

Angel Mural

Wright House is an 1890s Queen Anne.

All Saints Anglican Church

Historic Downtown Weatherford Mural

Former City Hall/Fire Station was built in 1933 with Pubic Works Admin. Funds.

Cute mural advertising snorkeling/scuba shop.

Lovely Victorian, but I couldn't find any information on it.

Sidewalk in front of the school has WPA marking.

School was built by the WPA in 1936.

Beehive mailbox.

Pretty house which I would classify as Victorian. No information found.

Carol and Ed on the trail.

Vacant 1895 T&P Railroad Depot

Greenwood Cemetery entrance

Greenwood Cemetery entrance

One of the markers in the cemetery.

Oliver Loving grave.

Rock ruins next to the cemetery.

Marker for ruins - Parker County American Legion Post #163

Just an empty shell. . .

We ate lunch at Whistle Hill's cafe after we finished walking. Mural is on wall inside.

My favorite car in the museum was this Edsel convertible.