Mertzon YRE Event
Irion County

Mertzon is 42 miles East of Big Lake, and 26 miles West of San Angelo. The combined population of all towns in Irion County does not exceed 2,000 persons. Sherwood was the county seat of Irion County until 1936, when the county seat moved to Merton a mere 3 miles away!

Nice mural along US-67.

City Hall up on the hill.

Ed & Carol in front of the 1936 Art Deco courthouse.

Irion County Veterans Memorial
Ed reading about the Dove Creek Battle with the Kickapoo Indians.
Church of Christ

First Baptist Church

Water tower with school mascot.

1909 school building still in use.

T-Rex on the school lawn..

Carol and Ed on the trail.

Mary Carter's Walk in the Park.

First Methodist Church

After we finished the walk we drove over to take a look at the old courthouse. Here are the coordinates if you'd like to visit it too!. (31.279898, -100.795104)

1901 Sherwood Courthouse