Haskell YRE
Haskell County


Texas flag in City Park where the walk started.

Gazebo in City Park


WPA bathhouse next to WPA swimming pool. Bathhouse was built of rubble rock. They painted it an awful grey!

Haskell County Courthouse hiding behind Pecan Trees


Gazebo on the corner of the courthouse lawn.

Lovely decoration on the former Haskell City Hall.


The current city hall is a couple blocks away.

Trinity Baptist Church is done in lovely rock. This is the way the bathhouse should have looked.


We've done a loop and we're back at the courthouse... There is a courthouse hiding in those tree! Walk continues down the other side of the courthouse.

War Memorial on another corner of courthouse lawn.


1936 Texas Centennial Marker.

Old Haskell National Bank building. Bank moved to a new location in 1959.



Center of a large mural celebrating Haskell's Centennial.

Another nice mural


   First Presbyterian Church

First Baptist Church


Yard art along a residential street.

We detoured a block to visit this Methodist Church.



First Christian Church isn't on the official route either.

We are back on the official route and cross this creek.


Yes, horses live in small Texas towns.