Childress, TX

Walk started at Fair Park Stadium - a WPA constructed football stadium completed in 1940.

Plaque on the baseball stadium tells us that it was built 1937-1938 by the NYA (another one of FDR's New Deal programs).

Giant arrow marking the Quanah Parker / Comanche Trail across the Texas Plains. There are around a 100 of this scattered around the Texas Panhandle.

NYA marker on the other side of the lake next to a coffin shaped picnic table.

We crossed this bridge over the lake.

Lighthouse fountain built by the NYA.

1939 Art Deco county courthouse, built by the WPA. Third courthouse for Childress County.

Old Sinclair Gas Station is now home to Bridges Wrecker Service.

Photo opportunity at the Visitor's Center.

Former Childress County Neo-Classical Style Jail - Replaced by a new jail in 1939. Currently it is home to the Adult Probation Department.

1926 Michie Building was built to house a Whippet Car dealership.

Childress 1902 mural depicting life in Childress way back when.

Ed posed for me at the ticket window of the 1937 Art Deco Palace Theater

Childress Public Library circa 1974.

1911 Baldwin Locomotive

Old Montgomery Ward building is one of the prettiest buildings in historic downtown. Currently it is Saturday's Discount Furniture Store.

"Valentine of Steel" memorial mural commemorates the World War II bombardier training classes held at Childress Army Airfield.

First Presbyterian Church - Temple style with four large white columns.

Childress City Hall - 1920 Neo-Classical building designed by Wyatt Hedrick.

Another old Sinclair Gas Station dating from 1920s to early 1930s. Currently vacant.

Childress County Heritage Museum is housed in the historic U.S. Post Office which was built by the WPA in 1935. Postal service moved to a new building in 1981.

The 5 story 1920 Hotel Childress - built as a hotel, then turned into a retirement home, and then low-income housing. It is currently vacant.

1920s Phillip 66 Service Station - one of the larger "cottage" style stations.