Baytown Nature Center


Our walk was done at this Nature Center.

Water feature in front of the Nature Center.


Artwork on the gates of the Nature Center.

This is the office where you pay your entry fee.


Carol registering to walk.

San Jacinto Monument across the bay from our walk location.


Small stage with a mural background.

Ed with a closeup of the mural to show it is made of bottle caps.


Fish identification placard at the end of the fishing pier.

Walk circled back past the registration.


Blue crabs in the playground area.

Nice carved poles holding an information placard.


Cement turtle in the playground.

Ed and the playground racoon.


Colorful drums in the playground.

Entry to the garden area.


Vandalized sculpture... it used to have butterflies but they have been broken off.

We entered the trail system and passed this small pond.


This is a nice marsh area.

A couple of brown ducks.


Carol at the boardwalk entry.

Boardwalk through the shaded woods.


Cute girl with binoculars on the trail entry arch.

Just a view of the shady trail.


Racoon on the next trail archway.

Yvonne was our checkpoint volunteer.


Cranes in the lily pond in front of the Nature Center office..

A different boardwalk on the return trip.