Abilene Volksmarching Event

Event was hosted by the Texas Volkssport Association in conjunction with the General Assembly Meeting. This is not the official walk route. We went Volkswandering.


Eagle's Nest gymnasium built in 1929.

Abilene High School built in 1923.


Across the street on the T&P Railroad ROW is this abstract art.

Further down the ROW is this Big Bull Skull by Joe Barrington.


Sunrise over the First Methodist Church.

Vintage Conoco Gas Station is now a place to buy firearms.


Built by the WPA in 1938 as an Agriculture Office, it now says "WELFARE" above the door.

Historical Marker in front of the 1915 Taylor County Courthouse.


T&P Railroad Freight Depot is now managed by Grace Museum as an event venue... weddings, family reunions, etc.

Pink Flamingo with sunglasses in its beak in front of the T&P depot. Another creation by Joe Barrington.


A former ghost sign has been repainted.

Quilt mural at the "Green Room" lounge.


Art Deco Federal Courthouse and Post Office built by the Treasury Department in 1935.

"Everybody Dreams about what we've found' mural


Paramount Theater opened in 1929.

Anyone can have wings.


No plaque, I call this one "Dog from Outer Space". Looks like more of Joe Barrington's art.

Tooth Fairy


Buffalo by IMA. Anyone know what this style of art is called?

"Haunted by Waters" by P. Messersmith


Jack Frost

A mule deer skull with branched antlers by Joe Barrington.


Abstract art on the T&P Railroad ROW.

Mr. Bean is Anxious


Flame d'Espoire

Haiku 3.0


The Negotiated Invention of Coincidence.

Ride a 2-D Buffalo?


Biomorphic Form

Couldn't find any information of this one.