Kickapoo Cavern State Park
Edwards County



Ed and the park entrance sign.

Trail Marker for our walk.

Water tower at the top of the first small hill.

The first of many long climbs.
Ed waited for me to get ahead so I could take this picture of him climbing the hill.

What goes up must come down. This is the other side of the hill.

This trail we were following is a jeep trail. Easy walking.

Ed and our first creek crossing.

Just another view of the trail after we cross the stream bed.

Our trail connected to the “Long Way Home" trail.

Another creek picture.

Ed ventured into the creek for me to take this picture.

The creek is to the left, our trail is to the right.

Another creek crossing.

The black lava rock makes it look like water in the creek.

A level section with grass.

Another creek crossing.

More of the black lava rock.

Cedar and rocks make up this walk.

This is the creek bed, not our trail.

Another grassy section.
We had completed 1/2 the journey. Now we get to turn around and get back to our car.

Re-crossing the same creeks.

I think it was prettier going the other way.

Creek bed.

Just a little hill.

More lava rock.

Lava rock creek bed.

Creek bed to the left, trail to the right.

We’re back to the Stuart Bat Cave Cutoff Trail.

Lots of lava rock.

Another view of the trail.

Lava rock along the trail.

Clay waiting to stamp our books.