Eden YRE Event
Concho County




Registration is in Coleman. Walk starts at a park.

Memorial for James Earl Rudder in the park named for him.

Octagon gazebo in the park.

The end building started life as a movie theater.

The Concho County Brand mural was dedicated on September 24, 2011 and depicts the 36 brands registered in Concho County prior to 1900. Six brand names are still represented by descendants living in the county.
Ed and Carol in the trail.
Lovely lavender iris.

Yard art.

Uncle Sam supported by an old gas pump.

Black iris and variegated iris in the same flower bed.

Catholic Church.

Twin chimneys all that is left of a home.

Another lonely chimney.

Archway is the entrance to a public garden with walking paths.

Old well decorated by the 4H Club.

Pretty light fixture in the garden.

Ed in the Garden of Eden.

Carol in the Garden of Eden.

Approaching the Lutheran church.
Pink flamingo’s tail spins in the wind.

Victorian Home.

Lovely rock home.

Pink cat silhouette design on
the side of the Merle Norman.
Phillip M. Millar Post next to the weekly newspaper.
In front of the VFW post is the
Concho County War Memorial.

Nice mural advertisement for the flower shop.

Part of the Rural Texas
mural on a vacant building.

Downtown Eden.