Texas A&M Campus
College Station, TX

This is not an official YRE route.

We started our walk at Hensel Park.

Lots of construction going on.

We walked down Bottlecap Alley

Carol and Ed

Walton Residence Hall

Big coffee cup in front of Sbisa Dining Hall.

Fishpond Fountain is turned off

All Faiths Chapel

YMCA 1914

Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building

Muster Candles in front of the Administration Building

"Silver Taps" sculpture

Sul Ross, Pres. A&M 1891-98

Light fixtures on the Administration Building

Mosaic tile entrance of Administration Building

Nagle Hall to the right of the Administration Building.

Other side of the Administration Building

Melbern G. Glasscock Building.

Passing Francis Hall

Chemistry Building

Water tower and smokestack.

Halbouty Geosciences Building

A&M Oil Well - used for training purposes

"Menos" sculpture called "Paperclip" by students.

"Roughneck" sculpture

Haynes Engineering Building