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Blanco, TX

We parked in front of the 1885 Blanco County Courthouse. This lovely Second Empire style courthouse only served for 4 years before the county seat was moved to Johnson City.

Darlene and Pat working walk registration.

Comparet Building circa 1880. The upper facade is highlighted with an ornate pressed metal cornice and parapet.

Bird sculpture in Bindseil Park.

Byars Oak Tree Second largest oak tree in Blanco County grows in the park.

Walking the park path.

Leaving the city park and entering the State Park. This small state park hugs a one-mile stretch of the river.

Ranchers donated or sold their land to create Blanco State Park in 1933.

Civilian Conservation Corps Company 854 arrived here on June 16, 1933, and worked for 11 months building bridges, dams, structures, picnic areas, and roads.

View of the Blanco River.

Large Cypress tree.

HWY-281 Bridge over the river. During the 2015 flood the river reached the underneath side of this bridge!

Another CCC dam.

Low water crossing

Another dam peeking through the trees.

First view of the CCC built swimming pool.

Better view of the swimming pool.

Walking through the wildflowers.

Purple daisy.

Old stone building near the trail.

Trail goes to rock and sand.

Walkers ahead of us on the opposite side of the river.

Walker and her pet Boxer.

Second woman walking with a Boxer.

Bridge next to another dam.

The Bridge ends a little before you reach the bank. You needed good balance for this short section.

Rock couches compliments of the CCC.

Great picnic table for a huge family re-union.

I walked right by this guy and never saw him. Ed called me back to take a look at him. Good thing it was only a Rat Snake.

Two checkpoint workers.

The other two checkpoint workers.

Steps leading up to the CCC erected pavilion.

Resting on the CCC erected retaining wall.

View from the low water crossing.

Israel and David

Catholic Church

Roger and Dale on the wall behind the finish table.