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Universal City, TX

Judson Early College Academy was the walk start location.

Our walk start table volunteers.

Mary, a Randolph Roadrunner, joined us for the walk.

The walk route cut through Northeast Lakeview College

We followed a lovely paved trail.

Storm clouds in the distance.

We passed the amphitheater.

Route passed more campus buildings.

Carol and Mary back out on the paved trail.

We walked across the earthen dam that created this small lake.

Mary took our picture.

The college viewed from the far side of the lake.

Carol and Ed on the boardwalk.

Looking back at the boardwalk we just came down.

Looking back at the boardwalk we just came down.

Pretty gazebo

Momma duck had only one baby.

Pride of Barbados

Volksmarchers ahead of us.

Our checkpoint volunteers.

Train museum is open and it’s free.

Ed and an overview of the layout.

Cattle pens.

Replica of a French bridge designed by Eiffel.

Nice tunnel

Replica of the house in “Second Hand Lions”

Church and Depot

Lone Star

Back on the walk we follow a canal.

Small creek crossing.

Another small lake.

Crane fishing in the lake.

Snake swimming in the lake.

Back at the college

Carol and Mary ahead of us.

Linda, Siba, and Gerald finishing just after we did.