LBJ State Park YRE

Robert and his wife, Roylene, are working registration.

Carlen and Joann were visiting with them.

A “You are Here” map of the State Park trails.

State Park Sign.

LBJ was a democrat, hence the donkey carving in the visitor’s center.

A neat mosaic portrait of LBJ in the exhibit hall.

Old mailboxes in the exhibit hall.

Statue of LBJ pointing to the Pedernales River.

Nature trail marker about the moss in the trees.

Longhorn didn’t even get up when we walked by. Look at him sticking his tongue out at me!

A footbridge over the creek.

The creek doesn’t have much water in it right now.

Another nature trail marker with information about the creek critters.

Farther along we crossed the creek again on these nice large stepping stones.

Steps leading up and away from the creek.

Nifty way to keep the gate closed.

Ed with the Aermotor windmill that is used to pump all the water for this Texas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife living history farm. The farm portrays life on a Texas-German farm in 1918.

Built new in 1915, this barn has stood the test of time.

Ewe and her lamb.

The outhouse (behind the house of course) is not on the walk route.

Turkey and hens.

Huge anvil inside a workshop.

Carol and Ed

Having entered the farm by a back gate we left through the front gate.

Another “You are Here” map of the State Park.

Looking back at the houses on the Sauer-Beckman Farm

We walked to the bison pasture, but this metal one is the only one we saw. The real ones were probably laying down in the shade.

Walking back past the farm and its split rail fence.

Split rail fences have the rails stacked in an interlocking zig-zag fashion.

An old rooster that kept crowing at us.

A pavilion with a timeline of events in the area. (Not of the walk route).

Another footbridge.

Ed and Carol in front of one of the log cabins on the Detz Homestead.

The other log cabin.

The old well, covered for protection. The information board says it is 30 feet deep.

Heading back toward the start/finish we had views of the Pedernales River.

Overflow dam on the river.

We are back at the start/finish where Barbara, Carol, and Mary are waiting.