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Hometown Christmas Walk

Christmas Tree with a sunset behind it.

Ed and a Christmas bulb on the Public Library lawn.

Snowflakes in the library parking lot.

Sign wishing us Happy Holidays.

Poinsettia lights and the word Joy haven’t been turned on yet.

Small live tree.

Fountain in Lake and the word “Hometown” in the bridgework.

Each end of the bridge has a beaver. Someone knitted them hats to keep them warm.

It is beginning to get dark but the sun still lights up the sky behind the house.

Nicely decorated porch.

Nativity scene in a backyard.

I tried using my flash with this one.

Another one taken with the flash.

My favorite decoration.

Joy is now shining bright as we approach the finish.

The Poinsettia didn't photograph well.

Another decoration on the Public Library lawn.

Brooke, Butch and Tom at the event finish waiting to stamp our event books.

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