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Patterson Park to Mueller Redevelopment

This was a great walk brought to us by the Colorado River Walkers

We parked in the church parking lot.

Club banner hanging at walk start.

John and Tina headed toward the start to register.

We are registered and heading out on the walk.

“Dance of the Cosmos” solar powered sculpture.

Little lending library box on the corner.

Reading about the trees planted in the park.

Abstract Art in the Park.

Another Abstract Art which vines are taking over.

Both pieces of art were the creation of Chris Levack.

Dam between two small lakes.

Water normally flows over this limestone outcropping
(not on the walk route, just a fun detour).

Looking across the lake you see the old air traffic control tower peeking over the new houses.

Posing with the Giant Spider by Dixie Friend Gay.

The spider straddles the pedestrian pathway so you walk under it.

A flock of pigeons ignored us as we walked past.

Water tower of reclaimed water for lawn use in the Mueller development.

Checkpoint volunteer on the right talking
to two walkers ahead of us on the trail.

Peacock lawn art.

A full view of the old air traffic control tower.

Just a pretty yellow house.

Curve of the lake has a pergola shading it.

Whirligig not moving, no wind blowing here.

Nessie the mosaic sea serpent.

Umbrellas shade the walk way between the shops.

Bridge that we will eventually cross.

Same fountain in the lake, but from a different angle.

Scrabble anyone?

Sun face on utility box.

Cowboy hat and stars on other side.

Checkpoint volunteer telling us to turn left to return to finish.

We pass the Flamingo Mosaic Mural on building next to
the pool in Patterson Park on the way back to the finish.

Finish area activities.

Carol (club president) talking to some walkers.

Waiting our turn to get our record books stamped.