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Leon Valley Volksmarch

Pat and Darlene working the registration table.

Our checkpoint volunteers.

Ed on the trail behind me.

We reached the 5K turn around and paused for a drink before turning back.

Joseph Huebner’s lonely grave in the wilderness area.

Huebner Creek.

One of a herd of deer that just watched us walk past.

Just a sample of the houses we saw from the loop through the residential area.

These home owners are saving water by having a gravel lawn.

We past these walkers who had paused to visit.

Robert and another walker headed back to the finish.

Sheri and Linda also on the way back in.

These walkers are coming along behind us.

Evers Cemetery, which is just one block off Evers Street.
Not on the walk route but recommended to us by
Carlen, so we detoured to take a look.

Back on the Raymond Rimkus Park paved trail to the finish.