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Glen Rose YRE Volksmarch Event

Leaving Brookshire Grocery we walked across the school campus.

Walks continues past the stadium where a tiger keeps an eye on you.

How did this tiny cemetery end up between the stadium and school.

Nice rock wall.

Another interesting wall with fossils.

One block off the walk route is this old jail. Built in 1934, funded as a WPA government project during the Depression, as a replacement for the first county jail built in 1884.

We continued on around the courthouse
square instead of following the walk route.

A 1901 log cabin post office from Hopewell, TX sits next to the museum.

Rock gazebo on the courthouse square.

This dinosaur track, along with a bunch of
petrified wood in the wall of the Gazebo.

Campbell Building built about 1894.

Historical marker about the courthouse which was built in 1893.

Somervell county multi-war memorial on the grounds of the courthouse.

1936 County Marker.


Hand hewn native stone structure, built 1896 by A. P. Humphreys, as a saloon. Lodge hall upstairs hosted dances, socials, stage shows. Building is now the Somervell County Heritage Center.

Back on the walk route we cross the Paluxy River.

Entrance to Heritage Park.

Memorial for Cpl. Rhett Butler.

One of several old buildings in the park.

We circled the walking trail.

Log Cabin in the park.

Nice rock house in the park.

Glen Hotel built in 1928 is now a B&B.
It is rumored to be haunted.

Glen Rose mascot is a tiger. I think ones like this one used to be on top of
Exxon gas stations with a logo of “Put a Tiger in your Tank“.