In Memory of Our Walking Friends Lost in 2017


Former First Methodist Church is now owned by the Gillespie County Historical Society. Our walk started here.

We are waiting for the door to open so we can register for the walk.

Clock in St. Mary�s steeple can be seen around most of Fredericksburg.

Once inside we warmed up while the start point was set up.

Board commemorating the five volksmarchers who passed away in 2017.

Lined up to get our registration cards.

It was 46 degrees and misting rain as we set out on our walk.

Pape Log Cabin is one of the oldest structures in Fredericksburg.

Dangers Stone House � built in 1851 with some walls of Fachwerk (half-timbered) construction.

Crossing the creek we spotted a waterwheel that is high and dry.

The former peanut processing plant.

The Pullman car behind them is set up as a bed and breakfast.

Black Chalk Home and Laundry has old machinery on display.

Nice Christmas decorations.

Mosel-Jordan-Duecker Haus. Original section built around 1847. Additions added in 1924.

Constructed in 1885, this is the fourth of six county jails. It was used until 1939.

Meinhard-Pfeil Home is a two-story limestone built about 1850.

Two of Fredericksburg�s most historic churches stand side by side � Old Church in front (1861) and New Church behind (1904)

St. Joseph�s Halle (1900) is a simple stone building with a curvilinear, Alamo-motif parapet. It is currently undergoing extensive restorations.

The Classical Revival St. Mary�s school (1924) was designed by Leo M.J. Dielmann.

Nice Mural between two buildings under construction.

Schmidt-Dietz Building was built as a hotel about 1857.

This former Fredericksburg Post Office was built with New Deal funds in 1940. It now houses the Gillespie County Courthouse Annex.

High Victorian Italianate 1882 �former� courthouse is now a library.

Multi-war Memorial to Gillespie County veterans.

Art Deco 1939 WPA built courthouse.

A War Memorial honoring all veterans who served this great nation.

Former Palace Theater opened in 1922. Nice tile decorations.

Schandua House built before 1880.

Wagon Wheel Gate with prickly pear cactus and wagon wheels belong to Cactus Jack�s.

Nice weathervane on top of a store.

Otfrid Hans Freiherr von Meusebach Memorial � He was the founder of Fredericksburg.

A water wheel from the early failed Mormon community of Zodiac is preserved and on display in Fredericksburg�s Pioneer Garden.

Bust of Jacob Brodbeck, a Fredericksburg pioneer settler.

Statues of John O. Meusebach and Comanche Chief Santana smoking a peace pipe May 9, 1847.

Bust of Frank Van Der Stucken, famous orchestra conductor and native of Fredericksburg.

Frank Van der Stucken, famous conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony, was born here.

An artistic and unique metal sign over the Old German Bakery Restaurant.

Finish table volunteers. My camera lens fogging up when we went into the warm room is my excuse for this blurry picture.