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Comfort Event

Ed was the volunteer doing parking lot duty this morning.

He show us his hat and told us about his trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Volunteers manning the registration table at the Cypress Creek Community Center pavilion.

This one room rock school house served the community from 1908-1942.

I think this is a cane cholla cactus.

Cactus, pasture and hills under an overcast sky.

Carlen was on his way back in.

This man is visiting from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Joanne and another walker with her cute dog.

Oak tree and clouds.

Spanish Moss covered many of the trees.
(What they used to stuff car seats with back in the 20s.)

Three walkers topped a hill on there way back in.

More cactus and a dead tree reaching for the sky.

A nice rancher we stopped to talk to showed us a lamb that was only hours old.

Another hill.

Pasture full of stumps and logs with a broken windmill in the background.

Our checkpoint volunteer had orange slices and water for us.

Old farm equipment rotting away.

Pretty roses on a bush near the checkpoint.

We are now headed back in passing walkers who are headed out.

A view of the creek bank and some threatening clouds.

The start/finish area was a busy place.