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Bay City Volksmarch
Matagorda County

The 1965 Matagorda County courthouse has modern, radiator-like striations. They razed a 1928 (beautiful) courthouse and replaced it with a modern cement edifice.

1987 Multi-War Memorial for Matagorda County.

This 1936 Texas Historical marker features relief art of what appears to be French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, (Robert de La Salle) and a Karankawa Indian.

Former bank building was erected in 1903. It is a lovely red brick with white stone trim and a corner covered entry.

Masonic Lodge circa 1906.

Just an interesting roof line.

Dated building on the courthouse square.

Confederate Monument is on the Smithsonian Art Inventory List.

Base of the Confederate Monument has a cannon sticking out.

Interesting arched side entrance.

Building facing the courthouse.

Ed and Carol circling the courthouse.

1936 Texas Centennial County Marker. White marker at base is the cornerstone from the razed 1928 courthouse.

Museum and historical marker.

Museum is old U.S. Post Office built in 1918.

Sugar Cane Press on display out front of the museum.

Lovely stained glass windows.

Baptist Church erected by V.L. LeTulle in memory of his wife in 1940.

Obelisk honors Mr. Gusman, who guided the helm of Bay City for 32 years.

Carol and Ed passing the Methodist Church.

Carol reading the marker for the Methodist Church.

A nice Spanish style home.

Classical Revival Style built in 1910-11

Nice landscaped area.

Detoured off the walk route to visit the caboose and depot. It is a “Short Bay Window Caboose” circa 1981-82.

Bay City depot from 1905 still sits along the tracks. It was used until 1984.

Back on the walk route we passed the M. S. and Cora Alice Perry House circa 1917-18.

Holman House – lovely Queen Anne Style circa 1908-09.

Liberty Park bandstand circa 1907.

Volunteer Fire Department