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Onion Creek Event

Onion Creek Event

Trailhead sign for the Onion Creek Greenbelt
Off Leash Dog Area.

Gerald and Linda signing up,
Barbara working start table.

Hal and Charlie discussing the walk route.

Our daughter has arrived.
Our group complete, we can start the walk.

Overview of Onion Creek taken into the sun
(which caused the purple glow).

Nope, there is no one behind us on the trail.
Walkers ahead of us.

Driftwood deposited by flood waters.

We just passed these ladies.

Another view of the trail.

Uh-oh! Iím getting left behind!

Another view of the trail.

Bushes over in the FEMA buyout area.

Walking on nice paved streets with no traffic.

Sign along the edge of the deserted street.

He passed us, now if we can just keep him is site
we won't need to read the directions.
Nice palm trees.

A century plant has fallen over in the yard of
some people who did not take the buyout.