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Fairview/Travis Heights YRE

Fairview/Travis Heights YRE

Mural on the sports bar “The Upper Deck” has been vandalized.

Mural on the side of Riverside Chevron Car Wash.

Nice house on top of hill. Bet they have great views from their third story patio.

Just nice landscaping.

Short path through a neighborhood park.

Purple Martin houses.
Odd shaped house.

Nice old house.

NRHP lists its Architectural Style as Queen Anne, Stick/Eastlake

Pedestrian Bridge over Barton Creek.

Ed and Carol

Looking down from the middle of the bridge.

Nice adobe home.

Carved tree stump.

Pretty Zinnia

Nice home.
Another nice home.


Door of Christ Lutheran Church

Graffiti art

More graffiti

And yet another graffiti.

Willie for President

More Home Slice Pizza

Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds

Texas School for the Deaf established 1856.

Mural on the side of Threadgill’s

Armadillo under the eaves of Threadgill’s

Another mural on Threadgill’s