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Terrell County




The 1906 Spanish Colonial Revival style Terrell County courthouse was remodeled in 1930 and 1983. Many of the Spanish Colonial elements were removed and replaced with a Mediterranean facade. Trees pretty well hide the building.

Veterans Memorial for WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Eagle on display from the 1906 courthouse.

In 1931, this high school building was completed facing the Terrell County Courthouse.
Art Deco designs decorate this building was created by well-known San Antonio architect, Ralph Cameron.

First Baptist Church is a two story white adobe church with no steeple.

All that is left of an ancient wooden Eclipse windmill.

First Presbyterian Church. Lovely adobe church with steeple.

View of the mesa behind the town.

Just a nice house and garden.

Another view of the surrounding hills.

Entrance to the football stadium.

Cactus Capitol of Texas Trail.

Trail starts here. It is not included in the walk.

Just an empty lot.

One of the cutout steel art Ed pointed out in that “empty” lot.

Ed and the hills.

Mexican Free Tail Bats abound in this area.

This one must be sick because although he is alive, he shouldn't be laying on the sidewalk.

1936 Terrell County Marker.

First Methodist Church, this present building was erected August 1945.

Joe Kerr building has a nice design. Appeared vacant.

Unable to make out the ghost sign on this building.

Old Princess Theater closed in/round 1975.

Terrell County Memorial Park.

Old RR depot? Not listed on the online depot database.

First Calvary Church.

Nice old cart.

El Buen Pastor Methodist Church is a vernacular example of the Gothic revival style of architecture. Church was erected in 1908, using locally made adobe bricks. The small church has brick corners.

Almost back to the start.

St. James’ has beautiful slag glass windows with religious themes.

St. James Catholic Church was constructed in 1941 of locally quarried native limestone.

Monument to General Alexander Terrell on the courthouse lawn.

We drove around after the walk since we only did the 6K.

Beautiful Classical Revival Masonic Hall built in 1930. Appeared vacant.

Insignia above the door of the abandoned building.