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McAllen Park
TVA General Assy Event

Ed starting out on the walk.

Another view of the lake.

Mosaic Mural.

View of the greenbelt walkway.

Sheri, Carol, Robert, and Susan caught up with us.

Carol, Susan, Robert, Ed, Eveline
Picture taken by Sheri.
Checkpoint #1.

Two volksmarchers that caught up with us.

Decorated posts at the entrance to the walk way.

Checkpoint #2.

Water Walk apartments.

Siba got to the checkpoint before we headed back.

These two volksmarchers are going the other way.

Heidi, Gary, Susan and Brooke.
Helen is hiding behind Gary.

Another one of the pretty posts.

Carol headed out.
John and Tina.

Fireman's Park.

Fireman's Bell.

Back at the start.