Hebbronville Event
Jim Hogg County




Built in 1913 with the design by architect Henry T. Phelps from San Antonio, this Texas Prairie School influenced structure was later remodeled to incorporate Classical Revival elements.

First of many Bougainvillea we will see on the walk.

Shimmering white house.

War Memorial.

Gazebo in the park.

Another War Memorial

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church is a beautiful mission style building with classic cross design and beautiful central dome topped with a cross.

One of the church’s windows.

Inside of Church.

Dormitory next to the church.

This historic early pioneer home was built by Don Bonifacio Garza in 1893. It was also Hebbronville’s post office for a few years.

Old Cemetery.

Pretty bush.

Black Caster Bean Plant in bloom.

First United Methodist Church circa 1927.

Hebbronville School

Beautiful Bougainvillea.

The Hotel Viggo was once a vibrant and even luxurious place, full of traveling businessmen and wealthy ranchers. But it also served as defensive shelter for early Hebbronville residents who felt threatened by the predations of Pancho Villa and his bandits.

After hotel closed for good, the County repurposed it for use as a senior center and as space for the local EMS service. However, time and climate have worked their will on the hotel Viggo, and it is now on abandoned decaying shell, a far cry from its former glory.

American Legion Post Memorial to the citizens of Jim Hogg County who fought and died.

The old Jim Hogg County Jail is now the local history museum.